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What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to all the actions taken on a website to rank high in the organic results of search engines.

In other words, it is about optimizing the website in terms of its content and structure.

With the appropriate actions you will increase the traffic to your website (web traffic) without advertising costs. It takes time to observe the first results and requires continuous enrichment of the content of the page.

A fast site, easily and effectively searchable by search engines is the basic principle of SEO.

SEO is distinguished in on-site SEO which includes all the optimization actions on your site and in off-site SEO which concerns the promotion of the website through external channels and sites.

The stages of an integrated SEO strategy are the following:


An initial check is performed to determine where the site is on Google for specific keywords that relate to it. In addition, the speed and structure of the site are checked before any actions are taken by us. At this stage, any potential problems affecting organic traffic and search engine rankings are identified.

1st Report

Once the audit is done you will receive the first report so we know the condition of the website before taking any optimization actions. The first report is necessary in order to have a comparison measure with the completion of the optimization as well as control of the achievement of the initial objectives.


After receiving the necessary feedback from you about the products or services you want to promote, we conduct research based on a specific program to conclude with which specific keywords and phrases we will base our SEO strategy. In addition, research will be conducted on the ranking positions of competing sites in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses with the ultimate goal of moving them as far away as possible from the high positions in Google.


If the necessary on-site and off-site techniques are applied, the first report will be sent to you in order to ascertain the progress and the conquest of the lusts of high positions! You will be informed with monthly reports on the evolution of the keywords and there will be a dynamic adjustment of the strategy for the best possible result.